20170315-60830943Another weekend, another trip out of Kuala Lumpur! On Friday night, we decided to spent our weekend in Malacca, a small Malaysian city down south. On Saturday, we took a bus from the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan bus station. It took us around 1.50 to 2 hours to go from KL to Malacca. When we arrived, we had booked a hostel called “The rooftop guesthouse”, situated in the center of Malacca.


After getting installed in our hostel for the weekend, we decided to get out of our room for some food. Online, we found a very nice looking little restaurant called “The Baboon House”. They serve the best hamburgers in a paradise-like house with 2 little courtyards in the middle. There’s only a few rules; you can’t speak too loud and you can’t actually take pictures. I managed to snap these 2 inside without getting caught. If you want to visit the restaurant, you’ll have to look for it. It’s not that obvious in the street.

After eating the best burger ever, we rented some bikes to go out and discover the cultural side of Malacca. We visited Jonkor street, the most famous street in Malacca for all it’s little shops, cycled along the Malacca river, visited the Cheng Hoon Teng temple and the very beautiful Malacca Straits Mosque.

In the evening, we decided to have dinner next to the river while having some beers at the Reggae cafe, where we happened to stay until 4 in the morning with people from Argentina, Canada, Austria, South-Korea and the USA. That’s why we decided to take it easy the next day and go out for a day at the beach, 20 kilometers from Malacca!


Up next? Penang or Perhentian!


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