The Best Secret Bar In KL

Last friday, my Croatian colleague Magic (aka Zvučni Zid) invited Cedric, Isaac and Me to join him for a drink with his girlfriend in what he described as a “cool bar” but he didn’t want to tell us the name to surprise us. So off we went on friday after work to Petaling Street (Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown). Apparently you have to make a reservation before you can enter, which luckily he did. When we arrived the outside didn’t look like a bar at all. It was just a man standing in front of an old door with some weird stuff (toys) in front of it.

The bar was called PS150, you can find it here.
When we entered however, we were welcomed in a dark but cosy bar with a really cool style. We took a seat while looking around the bar and checked the menu. I started with an Oouhla Gimlet, a cocktail made out of Borneo Rice Wine, London Dry Gin, Lime, Gula Melaka Syrup and Topic bitters. The cocktails were absolutely insane, in total they have over 40!


If ever you’re in Kuala Lumpur and you want to visit a great bar, make sure to visit this one! However, make sure you’re dressed nice, because they might not let you in otherwise.

Thanks for the recommendation Magic!

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  1. kris en Francoise says:

    Dju, die hebben we gemist! 😉


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